How We Work

You can count on Winkhart, Rambacher & Griffin (WRG) to be responsible in every way. Whether the challenge you face involves planning, problem solving or litigation, we take a pragmatic, efficient and holistic approach to representing you.

Straightforward, streamlined, solutions-oriented approach

Because of our experience, we draw straight lines to the end game. We focus on core issues — and move you quickly toward an effective solution. We do not engage in zigzagging that wastes time — and costs money. We cut through the clouds of smoke and the gamesmanship that can complicate legal matters.

Constructive, productive collaboration

Each of our partners is a recognized expert in their areas of practice. And when we tap our collective experience, this collaborative 360° approach offers the best of big firm review without the big firm costs.

Responsiveness and accessibility

Our clients rely on us for a broad range of service and advice — including real estate and construction, business formation and planning, estate planning and administration, as well as civil litigation.

Experienced associates

Every law firm is committed to their clients. But at WRG, we’re also accessible to them. We’ve designed our firm’s structure to make sure we’re there when clients need us — and to ensure that we have the capacity to deal with both clients’ immediate needs and long-term issues.